The Border Ranges

    The mountain ranges along the Colorado-Wyoming Border are not only beautiful and solitary, they’re close to my home. I’ve visited them many times over the years, and after a trip there in August, have put together a gallery for you.     The Park Range is in Colorado, with the Sierra Madre and …

Castles of Ireland

  I was lucky to tour Ireland for the third time this spring, and saw more of its castles and ruins. I had a wonderful guide, whose driving skills and patience gave me a first hand look at some of these fine ruins.   The first one was a short hike from my host’s home, …

Berthoud Pass

Photoblog of Berthoud Pass, Colorado by nostalgiawest

Merry Christmas- Happy New Year Video

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Night of the Lenticulars

  The warm weather in November prompted me to have another camp fire before winter set in. I went up to Lake Granby, and took my camera along. I had the idea to take a time exposure of three of me doing a little dance, just for the fun of it. I happened to luck …